Why should we use AfricanBooks.com instead of one of the big-name eBook sellers popular today?

AfricanBooks.com caters to African writers which these other big-name companies do not. Even in 2022, these big-name companies do not pay author royalties to African-based banks or mobile money platforms, meaning that most African-based authors cannot earn royalties on the most popular platforms. Due to this, the content by African-based writers is severely limited on those platforms, making AfricanBooks.com the largest hub for African content worldwide! We offer a wide selection of original works at friendly prices.

What does it cost to use AfricanBooks.com?

AfricanBooks.com offers FREE publishing to authors and publishers. This means that it is completely free for authors to upload and publish their books. When a reader goes online to buy a book, the author is paid a royalty for each book sold, and the platform takes a small percentage to help us pay for the hosting costs we incur to keep the platform running. That’s it! Post for free and get paid! We take all the risk, you get all the reward.

Do you have to be African or based in Africa to use AfricanBooks.com?

Not at all! Our site is available to everyone! We are building a global community at ABC, one that loves to read and is not hindered by continents or borders. That said, we do cater most to Africans because many of the other eBook platforms have been inaccessible to them up to this point.

How do I read my eBook?

After you purchase an eBook from us, simply open up your reading APP on your phone, and go to your book library. All of the books you buy from us will be there for you to read at any time. You can read your books both online and offline within your app, and you will be able to make highlights, comments and even place bookmarks within those eBooks, just like you would a real book.

Can I share an eBook I bought with others?

AfricanBooks.com is serious about protecting the digital content of our authors. When you buy an eBook from us, you are the only person who can read that book. So while sharing is caring, you will not be able to read a book that you did not purchase from us.

How can I pay for an eBook?

The first step is to make sure you have a reading account with us. Simply set up your account and go into your account payment settings. This is where you can choose your payment preferences. We take global payments whether that be VISA, Mastercard, American Express or more African-preferred payments from your mobile money platform of choice. No matter where in the world you are, we work hard to ensure that your preferred payment option is available to you.

Where do I go to get more information on selling my book?

You can go to africanbooks.pub for more information. There you will find details on how to create an author or publishers account, as well as other tools to help you track your book sales and earn royalties on every sale.

Where is AfricanBooks.com located?

AfricanBooks.com is an LLC registered and trademarked in the United States of America. Although we are registered in the USA, our founder/visionary is located in Uganda, East Africa and has been working in the field of African Books and publishing since mid-2009.

Can I call AfricanBooks.com?

While we love feedback, we do not have a call center at this time. We would encourage you to fill out our contact form on the contact page, or send us an email at: info@africanbooks.com

What kind of books can I find on AfricanBooks.com?

AfricanBooks.com has a wide variety of high-quality books to offer to our readers. We primarily deal in African-authored or African-publish books in a variety of non-fiction and fictional categories for children, youth and adults As a Christian company, we place an emphasis on Christian content and include this as one of our major reading categories on the site.

Are all of your books written by Africans?

The majority are but we can’t say all are. We have many non-African people who live within Africa and write books. We also have many friends of Africa we write African-specific content, some of which can be found on our site.

Do you sell anything else besides eBooks?

We primarily sell eBooks with some eBibles and eCurriculum as well. We are also planning to add audiobooks in the near future as we get more of our content converted into audio versions. The key is digital print though, so if its digital and written we might have it!

Are the books on AfricanBooks.com original books?

At AfricanBooks.com we take piracy seriously. We only allow the copyright holders and publishers to sell books on our site. This ensures that the authors and publishers of the original content get the royalties rightfully due them for their intellectual material. We never sell pirated books or content.

How do you determine book and/or author ratings?

These ratings are given by our readers. Once a reader has finished reading a book they have purchased, we ask them to give their rating and comments of both the author and the book to help other readers who may be interested in the same material.

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