Have you ever heard about a book from your favourite African author and wanted to read it immediately but found it hard to track down or gain access to? Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get digital copies of your favorite ‘western’ books but not so easy to get digital versions of African ones? The reason is not that African Authors are against offering their books online. Truth is, most have tried to get their eBooks online for years but failed due to the strict restrictions imposed by the world’s most popular online publishers. Others have shied away from digital publishing due to weak copyright enforcement laws throughout the African region, fearing their works would be unlawfully reproduced.
As a result, most of the world has very limited access to quality African reading content, and most African authors feel silenced and frustrated because their content is being restricted to their own limited physical distribution channels and localities. This not only limits the sharing of wisdom and knowledge globally but also restricts the content that African based readers are able to access and consume. While such gaps and inequalities still exist at the moment, the advancement in technology now offers digital solutions that can bridge these gaps and level the playing field for African authors and readers alike.
Introducing AfricanBooks.com! AfricanBooks.com (or ABC for short) is an online Christian publishing platform that seeks to provide solutions to African writers and publishers alike. Birthed in 2021, AfricanBooks.com main goal is to provide a platform for the AFRICAN VOICE to be heard in the GLOBAL NARRATIVE. We do this through our digital bookstore, providing quality African content to the world.
While our platform is for everyone, we designed our bookstore, publishing platform and reading app specifically with Africans in mind. This is what makes us unique and more user friendly to the African community than other major e-book platforms on the market today. We offer:
 Book pricing that is friendly and consistent with current African market rates
 Multi-currency, African payment options for African-based readers
 Royalty Earnings accessible to African-based bank accounts & mobile money platforms.
 Books specifically authored by African writers
 An emphasis on wholesome, uplifting and transformative Christian content
 Books in languages that are used majorly among African communities
 Strict piracy safeguards to keep author content safe and secure
Eleanor Brown once said, ‘There is no problem that a library can’t solve.’ In like manner, Lailah Akita said, “If you wish to renew your mind, read.” At AfricanBooks.com we believe this to be true. Malcom X once said, “If you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book.” The truth is, African readership has been on the rise in the past several decades with more and more Africans realizing the importance of gaining knowledge and wisdom through the written word. Together, we are erasing the negative stereotypes that once plagued our continent and people; one book, one story at a time!
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