Jason and the Great Dragon
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Author: N. K. Aning
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A beautiful princess has been held prisoner in a castle for years. Many brave knights have attempted to venture in and never returned. A great and cunning dragon guards the gate to the lonely castle. Jason, a local farm boy must use his imagination and wits to outwit the cunning dragon. There is only one problem; how will he defeat the dragon when mighty knights have failed to do so?



2023-10-16 16:46:51

N.K Aning does it again!

NK Aning demonstrates his storytelling prowess once more in yet another captivating short fictitious narrative. Within the confines of this tale, he adeptly maintains a reader's rapt attention as he unveils a compelling storyline. The narrative centers around a formidable dragon, serving as the guardian of a resplendent princess, whose fate awaits a potential savior in the form of Jason. On a rating scale, this narrative garners a commendable rating of 4 out of 5 stars, a testament to its merit and enthralling narrative quality.

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