Little Earth Soldiers
Add to Cart A Kid's Perspective On Climate Change and Global Warming
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Little Earth Soldiers calls both young and old to be the change they want to see in the world. The earth is deteriorating every day because of the way we treat it. From deforestation to fossil fuels, Grace covers key topics affecting the world around us. Written by a nine-year-old nature and conservation advocate, Grace Ninsiima believes children may be small but mighty. Will you be the change the earth needs? Take up Grace's challenge and become a little earth soldier today!



2022-12-14 20:20:05


Hello, am Derrick from Kampala, This book is really entertaining yet educative, most especially for the young generation who want to make a positive change in their community, I find it handy for even the old ones who wish to equip themselves with knowledge. This generation is blessed to have you Grace Stuart


2022-12-14 19:28:24

my names jerry

i come from carlifonia this book is pretty amazing thanks😁😁😁