Step Out
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To homeschool or not to homeschool, that is the question! This book is one family's journey as they navigate their educational options within their African setting. With a pursuit to turn out children who love learning, join them through the highs and lows of home education and gain valuable insight into the lessons they have learnt along the way.



2023-01-31 01:05:08

STEP OUT - An African Home schooler's guide to Home Education

Oh my God! What a book! This is a must read for every parent whether already homeschooling or intending to homeschool. As a new parent to homeschooling, this book has opened my mind up to the possibility of educating my children from a home setting and being successful at it. It has opened up my mind to the fact that I dont have to allow to stick to the status quo of how the education system has been for years. I never knew that even children had learning styles, this was the most interesting for me as it helped me understand my first born son. His public school had almost succeeded in making me believe that something maybe was wrong with him. However with the information I have gathered from step out, he is so normal. I can't wait to go deeper in studying about the learning styles. This book is indeed a manual to homeschooling. I have been encouraged as a mother to understand that mother hood Is not just carrying a child for 9months,deliver ,raise for 3/4 years and dump to the teachers to do the rest of the job for you. Its going further to study these children through research,prayer and exposing them to so much to help identify who they are,how they learn, how they understand and nurturing them to desire to learn always. To be honest,when I think of the education system I went through, by the time I was done with university, I didn't want to hear anything about further studies/learning. I just felt like I had, had enough of books. And yet in reality, learning never to discover that I can make my children enjoy learning like for the longest time is exciting. I have always loved reading and writing growing up but along the way,that was not nurtured so the passion kinda phased out. I had resumed reading this year but on small scale, however what I have discovered in The book has ignited my passion even stronger to read and write again. To be honest, as I started the homeschooling journey, this is weird(very true-hahaha) but I was asking myself how does the mother socialise? Homeschooling I mean is a full Time job. But as I read Step Out,I realized how actually God designed a mother with the greatest support team for her social aspect too and that's her husband and children. For sometime,I have heard the saying that, " treasure them when they are young cause they grow up so fast" and after reading Julian's book(STEP OUT),this makes a lot of sense now as to why each parent should take it on. I feel more confident and energized to embark on this homeschooling journey. I know just like all adventures, there are bumps and humps, but with God and determination, we shall succeed. Thank you Julian. PS: am waiting for part 2..hihihihi