Between the Porch and the Altar
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It is a well-known and acknowledged fact that we are living in a fast-paced technologically driven age. Things we do today with lightning speed were not even mentally entertained in even as recent as a generation ago. And yet, in spite of all our advancements, man is moving farther and farther from God. Books on prayer abound so this volume is not the latest in the endless catalog on books on prayer. Rather, this little volume is intended to set fire to your bones to get up and fetch a place to lock yourself up there to engage in an activity that moves the hand of omnipotence-prayer. Consequently, it is filled with practical guidance to lift one from "prayerlessness" into "prayerfulness". So be on the lookout for an impartation even through the pages of this slender volume as you learn some powerful life-transforming nuggets to turn your prayer life loose for the glory of God.