Everyone Can Sell!
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Author: Martin Lwanga
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Sales are one of the most pervasive and enduring occupations around the world, going back to the beginnings of humankind’s civilization. Every person who makes any progress in any profession must first learn to sell. To get a job, you must sell yourself to the company you aspire to work for. Successful lawyers are everyday selling themselves before judges and clients. The famous dentist must sell his art to the patient. The rousing preacher must sell his sermon to the parishioners. The enterprising head teacher of any promising school must sell herself to both the students and parents to keep her job. To be successful, the Chief Executive Officer of any nation, whether President or Prime minister, must sell his vision to the citizenry and sometimes, to the world. This is exactly what Nelson Mandela did for South Africa and brought the World Cup to the continent. This book is not just written for the hired door-to-door salesperson or your infamous car-lot salesman. It isn’t for the medicine seller, blowing the trumpet down the road juncture, with ‘cures’ for all manner of ailments. Rather, it is for everyone interested in having a successful life. If you take the time to master the time-tested secrets herein, you will surely be on the way to achieving whatever you desire.

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