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Many women today are in unhealthy and unhappy marriages. Silently wishing that their husband could be more loving, respectful, gentle and kind. The list goes on and on. , Rather than changing their husbands, Pamela flips the tables and encourages women to turn their introspective light on themselves, figuring out who they are and who they are called to be. Committed points women to God, giving them simple and practical tools to not only survive but thrive in their marriages. Will you be committed?



2022-11-16 21:47:10

Essential ✨️

Redefining the rugged view of marriages is a breathe of fresh air we so much need. Grateful for Pamela shifting our perspective and giving us a God perspective to not only point fingers but also realise what we can do better. Healthy marriages are possible.....


2022-11-16 21:40:51


I love love this book. I’m ready for it to bless me in my marriage. Pastor Pam you’re anointed.


2022-11-16 21:30:24

A must read

I love that this book shows God’s mind on marriage and how to do it so that you can thrive! A must read for every woman regardless of the season she is in regarding marriage!


2022-11-14 00:25:17

It's a good read

Amidst the so many unhappy marriages,it is good to have a book that helps us see how to be happy ,I like the fact that it always points us back to God the innitiater of marriages,Thank Pamela for your effort towards seeing happy marriages


2022-11-13 15:50:21

Read it and you will thank yourself later!

I am so blessed to have read this book before marriage because it’s given me insight and a better perspective. The candidness that Ms. Pamella uses in sharing her own experiences and other couple’s experiences is to die for. If you are a wife or are planning to be one this will save you lots of headache and heartache.🥰🥳 So worth my while💃💃


2022-11-13 09:18:16

Make it Personal!

Oh wow Personal this book is!🥰 It’s one of those you have to read more than once😅because of its impact!☺️I am excited about my next journey🤭I am becoming and I love it!❤️