Beaten Not Crushed
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When adversity comes falling like hailstorms, finding your grip to carry on can be an uphill task. It is said that difficult experiences can leave deep, sometimes permanent wounds and visible scars to the onlooking world. As a result, most people will go through adversity feeling like victims rather than victors. Yet, ironically, struggling through adversity often pushes us to growth and maturity, making us wiser and leading us to more fulfilling lives. Pamela like, every person who has been through adversity, has dared to ask the BIG question; does God truly care? Questing the existence of God along with her own identity, femininity and purpose. As a shielded child of the 80s, Pamela was rudely awoken by a series of adversity; experiencing job loss, infertility, death, divorce and failure. At the age of 40, with her life in shambles, she returned to her parent's home to start life over again afresh. This is a true story of an overcomer! Walk the journey with Pamela as she leads you through a journey of discovery, restoration and purpose. Experience how God turned her biggest messes into her deepest messages, giving her a platform to reach others who find themselves on their rough roads of life.



2022-10-27 10:38:45


Vulnerable. Powerful. An amazing and inspiring journey of resilience and strength