The Everlasting Adventure
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The Everlasting Adventure, is a story about Princess Skyler Emmeny, daughter of King Roland and Queen Lola's visit to Litropia Kingdom. Upon her arrival, she met King Jordan and Queen Lira who introduced her to the whole kingdom from where she got new friends and that marked the beginning of her adventure. It further narrates of Princess Skyler Emmeny, as a kind and forging person, this made the whole kingdom adore her. The author uses her as an instrument to describe and show how forgiveness can bring back friendship and unity amongst people in the society.



2022-10-03 15:51:47

The Everlasting Adventure.

This is so wonderful, a story that tackles how people leave in the society and turns out that kindness is key to everyone’s life and without it you may not realize the true meaning of friendship. Grate work young girl, God continue giving you the insights to write good stories that inspire young people.