Lessons From My Father
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Lessons From My Father is a daughter's tribute to her father. An account of her father's indelible impact on her life. The book highlights the different roles and scenes of her childhood and adulthood experience with her father until he was called back to his creator. Often times concerning fathers, we hear statements like; "they lack a father figure in their lives and that is why..." solutions have been crafted around creating a stable and enabling environment for children in families, but one cannot understate the role of a father in establishing stable families and grounded children. Thanks to those that have over the years come up with programmes to fill the gap that the lack of father figures has created in society today. Marjorie shares her childhood-father experiences carefully relating them to the reflection of the Heavenly Father, an assurance that the role of an earthly father is important and is indeed ordained by God. Her hope is that many will be stirred up to share their personal encounters with their fathers in her generation so as to revive the values that once shaped society. Her cry is that the current generation of fathers will humble themselves and learn from the older generation while at the same time seeking to raise the standard of fathers in this generation and the ones to come, drawing from God Himself, the ultimate Father of us all.

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