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Author: Apollo Kaggwa
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Are you tired of being defined by what the world thinks you are? Limitless opens the door for you to be the BEST YOU that you can be. You should not settle for what your family says you are. You should not settle for what your friends or your society says you should be. You should be who God created you to be! The power to be LIMITLESS lives inside of you. Limitless gives you the keys to unlock the real you so you can break the barriers that hold you back and soar into your true identity! It is time to SOAR!



2023-07-30 00:13:11

Real Life Stories

I enjoyed the mix of stories and truth that the author shared. By using his own life as an example, he draws people into his world and makes his teachings relatable to others. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing not-so-flattering stories with us, from your experiences as a jigger collector to your struggle with infertility. Indeed there are limitless possibilities available to us all if only we keep going and never give up!