Luwero Triangle-The Hot Bullet Zone
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Author: Sydney's Guard
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"Hello comrades, I think it is time for us to embark on our journey. We have to climb that mountain in front of us before the sun can be so hot." One of the leaders said in a loud voice. The rest of the group started getting up. Women started swinging their babies onto their backs, tying them up and lifting their bags to their heads. Some babies that had fallen asleep started crying. But it was time to move on...that is what you do in the midst of war. What would happen next, God only knew... "This is a true story about how I experienced terror, as a child, during the ‘Museveni/Obote’ war in the 1980s in my home village Makokoto which is in the Luwero triangle zone.  It is highlighting the experiences many war victims go through. With the many wars going on around the world, this story opens eyes to the masses about the atrocities which many oppressors commit against the oppressed but go untold. It is a memorable personal story which I can easily retell even on waking me up early in the morning". Join Sydney's Guard on a true story of experiencing the Ugandan bush war in the mid 1980s. Interlaced with life lessons and songs of horror and hope. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop until the end!