Matooke and Gonja
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Matooke and Gonja is the first book in the Hey Foodie book series. The Hey Foodie book series are a stimulating show-and-tell about the colourful, juicy and nutritious foods found in Uganda-the Pearl of Africa. Ugandan foods have not been given their due recognition. They are the first wonder of Mother Earth! Yes, we believe it. Hey Foodie is told through the eyes of grandmothers to their grandchildren and mothers to their children; to build legacies and memories of our wonderful food. Like many traditions and cultures, food tastes and practices like growing, preparation and consumption are passed down one generation to the next. We hope that these series will contribute to better stewardship of our food systems. Doing so is an act of courage and service to humanity. Good, nutritious and healthy food is a foundational pillar for a strong, vibrant and creative brain, mind and body. Come along, let’s read together with all the children in our homes or anywhere you will be reading from. Matooke and Gonja is dedicated to Amara’s grandparents, Jjaja Moses and Dorothy Kiwanuka of Bukuluugi, Masanafu. Their love and dedication to a small banana garden ensured that their children were well-nourished and raised into healthy adults.