Marriage Is Not A Trap
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Author: Modupe Ehirim
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Marriage – a journey most dreaded yet greatly ventured. A supposedly lifetime journey which takes off with two key players – a man and a woman with the ‘and they lived happily ever after’ mindset. Midway, the tides threaten a halt to this great ride. Gloom should surface but in its stead arise the greatest calm ever. The duo, as though in possession of some magic wand take charge, wading through and eventually anticipating a safe arrival at the shore. Unknown to the many of the humans signing the dotted lines, there’s a hack to enjoy and not endure this journey called marriage. There are questions to be asked and when genuinely answered, make the journey hitch-free. This book, Marriage is NOT a Trap, has been written specifically for you, if you are about embarking on this journey called marriage, If you feel trapped and all you can think of is call it quits, or if all the enthusiasm and love you once shared have taken a long walk from your home. Get ready for an unveiling of three indispensable terms in marriage – Expectations, Discussions and Negotiations.