The Heart Unrequited
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As she fantasied about her dream man, she could not help but imagine her life as a beautiful romance. She could almost smell the fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day and the excitement of nights spent dancing in one another’s arms. She just knew her soul mate would be someone she could not live without. Surprise birthday parties, fantasy vacations to far off lands; good morning kisses and anniversary dinners under the moonlit skies, date nights and weekend escapes. These were the thoughts that flooded Olivia’s mind and heart the day she married her campus sweetheart...but will things turn out exactly as she imagined? Join Olivia on her journey to uncover the secrets of love, marriage and partnership in Kampala's best new romance of the century! With laughter, tears and hope, “The Heart Unrequited” will have you rooting for love until the very end!



2024-04-15 16:47:21

Captivating Read

This book reminds me of a Francine River's Novel!!! Wow! Very well done. A fun and captivating read that makes me wonder when I might see a movie or TV version of it. Olivia and Okello are fascinating characters...please write more, I'm hooked!


2024-04-15 16:00:01

Amazing Love story

One of the things that has stood out for me from this book is that marriage doesn't just spring out from anywhere. It requires one's effort so that one can experience an amazing love life. Thank you auntie Beat for this informative book.