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From Chalk to Chatbots: Rediscovering Authentic Education with AI is a trusty GPS for everyone trying to navigate the crossroads where education meets AI. You may be thinking that AI sounds complicated. Not to worry, this book is super reader-friendly. Think of it like sitting down for coffee with the author rather than sitting in some stuffy college lecture. Throughout these pages, we will explore how AI is not just about fancy robots taking over the classroom but how we as humans, can team up with tech to make learning more effective than ever before. This book is packed full of potential and ideas on how AI can jazz up how we learn, but it’s not all rosy; we won’t gloss over the hard stuff. We need to think about privacy, keeping things fair, and ensuring no one gets left behind. At its heart, education is still all about people. It’s about sparking creativity and nurturing empathy. Whether you’re shaping young minds, deciding on the big policies, riding the school bus, or helping with homework after dinner, this book is for you. Accept my personal invitation to join this big, exciting conversation as we figure out this new world together.