Gustavus Vassa, The African
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Picture it: Africa 1745. Born in West Africa, join Olaudah Equiano on his autobiographical journey from boyhood to freedom fighter on a journey around the world by sea. Experience his life as he is transformed from Olaudah to Gustavas Vassa through this first-hand account of kidnapping, slavery, salvation, freedom and advocacy unlike any you have heard before. Olaudah will always be remembered as a voice in the darkness crying for freedom for all! Written in London, in 1789, this is a historical classic you won’t be able to put down.



2023-07-30 00:18:43

Fascinating Piece of History

What a tale of survival and triumph! It is hard to believe that this is a real autobiography preserved for almost 250 years! I would dare say it might be the first African-authored book ever written. I enjoyed the tribute to the author added by the publisher at the beginning of this book; it helped me to connect to the story and its author in a real way and gave me a foundational understanding of what I was reading. Well worth the time and money in my opinion!