Fiery Trial
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Author: Edward Kiwanuka
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Fiery Trial is a blaring wake-up call to a church dangerously prone to losing sight of its purpose in pursuing success. When a quiet Christian life flips, throwing the young convert Edward Kiwanuka into an adventure of guns and hovering death clouds, one is reminded of Bible prophecies of the end times and Jesus' words to always be ready. Upon Idi Amin banning Pentecostal churches in 1977, a misunderstanding allows Full Gospel church to restart services. Halfway through a service, the church is sorrounded and attacked by army men. Thunderous explosions shake the church as guns roar. The worshippers throw themselves down. Kiwanuka's life is hurled out of the ordinary into the unbelievable. The victims will get shut up in the dark dungeons of the notorious State Research Bureau. They will spend agonizing months in Luzira jail awaiting whatever may come. This is as tough a test of their faith as can be. One will discover in later life that what they went through was preparing them for work that was to come. Kiwanuka will live to run Deliverance church Uganda; a far from cosy affair, as he gives a glimpse to the reader. Those intending to lead, especially in churches, must read this book for its insights. The book therefore leaves a silent challenge for all in today's Uganda and Africa; is ultimate reality in money, position and guns? Or is there something much bigger out there? Get your copy today to find out!