The State of Blood
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Author: Henry Kyemba
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This is a document of horror on Amin’s Uganda. Written in exile, under tight security, here is Henry Kyemba’s inside story of Amin’s Uganda. This book contains a graphic description of horror and terror that characterised Amin’s regime. This reign of terror was masked by violence, lawlessness, gross violation of human rights and the decay and disintegration of public institutions. Unfortunately, that fall of the Amin regime did not end Uganda’s nightmare. The highlights in the book are: • Entebbe raid and the truth about Dora Bloch’s murder • Kyemba’s personal list of more than 100 ambassadors, ministers, doctors, and professors murdered by Amin’s private assassination squads. • The random killings of over 100,000 people • Amin’s women – his insatiable appetite; the dismembered body of wife Kay; the bizarre tale of five wives, more than 30 mistresses, and 34 children. • Amin’s private visits to the morgue; the gruesome tastes he personally described to Kyemba.



2023-11-21 13:01:49

Interesting Read

I found this book to be very enlightening on the history of Uganda and the role Idi Amin played in that nation. For anyone interested in political history, this is a great book to read.