The African Parliament
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Yombo’s demise fronts in undying questions that breed a stormy tidal wave of anxiety in Mpendo Province. Oguntu – his childhood friend and colleague in the forces and his widowed wife Suzan lead people in deliberations of how to skillfully fix the missing pieces around his untimely suspected assassination. The old generation of Mpendo’s fore-fathers had devoted their loyalty to President Nvunza (the visionary). He had led Zombo Republic for nearly four decades since independence. All through his leadership tenure, their allegiance has only been paid by unexpected deaths of their sons and daughters alongside leasing out their fertile lands to foreign investors. While the tension around Suzan’s resignation as Ambassador mounts, the pressure on the already frail President climaxes. The state of affairs gets out of hand when the management of the most powerful Mission school in Mpendo undergoes a revolutionary change. What will happen next? Who will emerge victorious? Get your copy to find out now!