Mothers Raising Sons (M.R.S.)
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Author: Barnabas Samuel Aliku
Co-Author: Christine Mutesi Aliku
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Factually, the neglect of the boy child has caused mayhem in society. Rapes, sexual assaults, drugs, robbery and so on are caused by the continued cycle of neglect or the lack of boyhood to manhood mentorship. As a result, we see a boyhood crisis in the community leading to drug use, early school dropout and early sex, among others. Mothers Raising Sons comes to bridge the mentorship and discipleship gap for the Boy child. The experience empowers moms with knowledge and skills to raise sons with wisdom and tranquillity. Whether single moms, divorced moms, stay home moms, or a caregiver, they can all take this program. Be part of the movement of moms who have intentionally sculpted their sons into greatness. Together we can have a great generation of responsible men after us.