The Rooster and His Boy
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Author: Patricia Tibbs
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Join Anok, a young and unremarkable rooster as he embarks on a heartwarming journey that will change his life forever. From a small village in Jericho to the bustling streets of Jerusalem, follow Anok and his boy as they explore the great unknown. Will Anok have the courage he needs to uncover his true potential and finally understand who he was made to be? Find out now in this debut illustrated book by Dr. Patricia Tibbs!



2023-10-11 21:04:35

A Clever Twist on a Familiar Bible Story!

Beautifully illustrated and creative in its retelling, it can entertain both young and old alike. Whether in a personal library or as part of a school or children's church curriculum, this book will have you asking how we are all interconnected in the grand scheme of life.