Customs, Traditions and Religion
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Author: Godfrey Wababa
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Every society and culture in the world has a spoken or unspoken set of traditions and customs they live by. In Africa, our customs have something to say about our marriages, pregnancies and childbirth. They also weigh in heavily on our careers, how we dress, what we believe, how we build wealth and how we interact on a daily basis. Join Godfrey Wababa on an introspective look into the culture, traditions and values that shape life as we know it today and dare to ask the hard questions; are these traditions still applicable to us today? This book will compare what we know, with what we believe and help the reader understand that while somethings may change, other things should stay as they are. Will you be courageous enough to challenge societal norms based on truth? If so, get your copy today!