Black Like Me?
Add to Cart The Search for Meaning and Identity in the 21st Century
Author: Dennis Sempebwa
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From tumultuous beginnings in Uganda comes this adventurous story of a successful musician, minister, educator, author, and thinker. Dennis Sempebwa’s fascinating life journey exposed him to anarchy, victimhood, tribalism, classism, racism, and all manner of systemic injustices. His conclusion: Your injuries and circumstances do not have to dictate or define your identity. In this shockingly honest book, Dennis firmly asserts that it is the ability to acquire and develop basic human capital—resilience, focus, diligence, tenacity, attitude, thrift, adaptability, sociability, and character—that reveals and explains disparities in all human achievement, and ultimately determines authentic uplift of individuals, people groups, and cultures worldwide.



2023-10-16 16:37:12

Engaging, relatable & worth every minute!

"Black Like Me" is an engaging autobiography that takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the life of Dr. Dennis Ssempebwa, tracing his remarkable path from his early years in Uganda to his eventual adventures in the UK and America. With each page, Dennis takes his readers on a musical journey with Limit X, all the while, imparting invaluable life lessons which make the story a captivating narrative that demands time for reflection and internalization. The book is dotted with beautiful quotes that have the potential to ignite the fire of determination in anyone with a clear vision. The book's artistic cover, which remains true to Dennis's African roots, features patterned prints and black face imagery. Within its pages, Dennis adeptly tackles the complex issue of black identity in our contemporary world, making it relatable for anyone dealing with or interested in the topics of ethnic or racial discrimination. Each chapter is thoughtfully introduced with an African proverb, setting the stage for the unique themes explored. 5 out of 5 stars!!