Biblical Leadership and Its Relevancy Today
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Biblical Leadership and Its Relevance Today: The Architect and His Perspective guides a leader to lead God’s way at all levels, starting with acknowledging God as the authentic author and the architect of leadership. This book helps Christian leaders and potential leaders to have godly influence in their families, communities, Churches, schools, different organizations, governments and the market place in general. How will leaders be successful if they do not refer to the blue print? The author depicts how the Bible is the most reliable source for guiding leadership today and the solution to the many leadership challenges. The author presents many lessons on the different aspects of leadership. He discusses the subject of leadership from the angle of who influences what the leader does, the results after the influence and the associated consequences. The author further discusses the different categories of leaders in the Bible and the relevance of each category in the leadership practice of today and in the future. He concludes the book with a biblical model of leadership that can help any leader to align his leadership to the godly perspective.