A Song for Eyram
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Author: N. K. Aning
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A song for Eyram is a novel about family secrets, the taboos of the past and the incredible power of love and forgiveness. From the outside, Gerald lives a charmed life. He is employed in a prestigious company, strong family ties and colleagues that adore him. But there is a dark spot in his life. A desire to escape his past. Eyram knows what it means to live a cursed life. She lives it every day. She spends her time immersed in the tutoring of kids to forget her tortured past. On the outside, she is all sunshine and smiles. But there is a secret she harbors. A chance encounter brings Gerald and Eyram together, an attraction gradual and intense. The harder Gerald tries, Eyram pulls away. Gerald might truly be the right man for her, But is Eyram ready to trust a man again? Can love overrule superstitious beliefs, ethnicity and taboos of the past?

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