Substance Abuse and Substance Use Disorders.
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Substance Abuse and Substance Use Disorders: A Global Pandemic Among Teenagers and youths: Implications for Counseling is a book revealed, to meet contemporary substance-related challenges. Substance/drug abuse with its associated physical, social and mental pathologies has become a global challenge. ‘Innovative Substances’ exposed in this book have added new dimensions to the problems of substances, especially socio-demographic boundaries. This author has, in this book, creatively classified the substances in the most understandable typology for ease of reading and comprehension by his diverse target audience. The book dedicates each chapter to a class presenting their brief origins, forms, types, pathogenetic sequences, recognition of symptoms, and management of the abuse/addictions as well as their related disorders. Exciting classes of substances such as Dissociatives and empathogens (aka entactogens) are new additions to the whole discussion of substances in modern day society. The book focuses on the distils to the role of the counselor and counseling in managing substances in our fast moving society. The easy-to-read format of the book should make it appealing to readers. Professionals in the Social Sciences, Education, Health, and other Helping Professions will find the book highly valuable. Every family also needs to read and keep a copy.



2023-07-22 14:19:13

Very Educative Book

This publication is indeed very educative. The author indeed took a great deal of time to write this piece. The book is available almost in every country. It's very rich and self easy to comprehend. I use this book in my home. I recommend every household to have a copy both in hard and soft copy. It explains side effect of each substance abused and implications of mixing drugs