The Hero Within
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In the Village of Little Holes, a young woman trekked alone into a banana plantation with an old blanket and a razer blade. Her labour pains were in full swing, and it was time. As all women in her village did, she found a secret place, away from onlookers, as she got down on her hands and knees, ready to birth her child into the world. Not sure what would happen, she was ready for anything. To her surprise, a little bundle of joy full of black hair entered the world. I will call her Jane! From then on, life has been one big ball of excitement. Join Dr Jane as she tells her autobiographical tale in a way only she knows how. From her unusual birth to a childhood dance with Uganda's infamous Idi Amin and onto life as an internationally recognized doctor, scientist and world leader. Full of sorrows and joys, be prepared to be transported through time and place as you walk the journey through the life of an exceptional African woman.