Stepping Up Like An Aeroplane
Add to Cart 52 Lessons of Triumph Based On The Bible For Those Who Desire To Live A Fulfilling Life
Author: Justus Rubarema
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Most of us have been on an aeroplane before or at least have heard stories of these big birds in the sky. Using the illustration of an aeroplane, Justus helps the reader learn ways of moving forward despite life's challenges. Throughout he reinforces continuous learning with faith, action, strategic thinking, consistency, patience, and resilience. This book contains 52 Lessons, 684 helpful verses and 400 African Proverbs/Sayings to help you be the best you, that you can be. Join Justus on this ride of a lifetime, get your eCopy today!



2023-07-05 17:38:59

Gaining Biblical Insights From The Things Around Us.

I had no idea someone could glean so many biblical insights from an aeroplane. The author has thought about aeroplanes and their relationship to his beliefs in many ways, relating them to scripture and cultural proverbs and perspectives. After this, you will not sit in a plane the same way again.