A Medley of Emotions
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Author: Muhindo Alex
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A Medley of Emotions is a literary amalgam of prose and poetry hinged on real-life experiences, imagination and societal inspiration. It highlights life as both a bed of roses and a lion’s den reminding us to diversify and live within the realms of the two truths of life. This mashup of emotions stems from: the filth in our political systems, and the atrocities meted out on the dregs of society; the search for spiritual novelty and liberation, the beauty that pervades our lives with love and the pain that leaves humans seething with ire for love gone wrong and harbouring wrong perceptions of love. The book cleverly addresses several sensitive matters on topics that are usually overlooked, despite their oppression to our psyche and emotions. Through its interwoven prose and poetic lines, A Medley of Emotions hints at the sweeping wave of equality for all by fronting feminist woes and aspirations for gender equity. Through the adept use of imagery, local dialect, polished colloquialism, and the ingenuous inspiration of the sport of basketball, the author serves an eye-catching and head-scratching delicacy that will strike a chord with your emotions politically, spiritually, didactically, socially, romantically and to an exiguous percentage – sensually!

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