Principles of Professional Growth
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Author: Samuel Jjuuko
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Have you ever wondered why some professionals seem to be stuck at some level in their career growth yet others are easily going up the ladder? In Principles of Professional Growth, Samuel offers insight on that. He shares wisdom on how to accelerate your growth in your professional field and rise and stay at the top. Journey with him through the pages of this book so you can learn what professional growth is and isn’t, the benefits of professional growth, and how to grow in your profession and become successful.



2023-06-26 12:15:26

Great tool to grow your career!

This book offers valuable information and advice on fostering professional development. The author's unique background and personal experiences make the content increasingly captivating as the pages unfold. This book is recommended to fresh graduates as an encouraging read that provides practical insights and inspires them to strive for excellence while embracing global exposure as a catalyst for their professional journey.