Honeymoon For Life
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Did you know that you can enjoy your marriage long after the honeymoon? Have you believed the lie that marriage is hard and can only lead to misery? Would you like to rekindle the spark of love in your relationship? In Honeymoon for Life, Pastor Wilson Asaanidde shares his marriage story, encouraging married couples to have a great marriage despite any ups and downs.. Using personal examples, he shares wisdom on finances, sex and parenting, among other topics. In this book, you will be challenged and encouraged to love your spouse and enjoy marital bliss for years. The romance doesn't have to be left in the honeymoon suite. Learn how to experience a marriage full of passion 365 days a year with Honeymoon For Life.



2023-06-12 10:44:38

A Remarkable 18 year Journey!

This exceptional narrative not only imparts timeless marriage advice but also provides astute guidance on courtship, effective communication, intimacy, and financial harmony. Regardless of whether one is embarking on a new chapter of love, seeking to strengthen an existing partnership, or seeking solace amidst relationship challenges, this book serves as a precious gift brimming with wisdom and renewed hope for enduring love.

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