Thriving Creatives
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Author: Keziah Ayikoru
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Thriving Creatives was born from a genuine desire to ensure that creatives everywhere could learn how to be holistically successful in every sense of the word. In today’s society, it seems to be the norm that only a few creatives actually thrive and that is why the idea of the ‘struggling artist’ is so commonplace. In addition to financial challenges, creatives face a myriad of other problems such as a poor sense of identity, low technical, business and social skills, little access to mentorship and coaching, health risks and more. This book can be read as a manual for creatives who are tired of struggling and want to learn how to be successful by simply applying some important principles in their chosen creative businesses and in their general lives. Through Keziah’s experiences, all creatives can find inspiration to finally achieve the reality of their dreams and, in turn, teach others to thrive as creatives who make a positive contribution to their specific sectors and to the world as a whole.