Thistle of the Nile
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Set in the landscapes of Ugandan life, Thistle of the Nile is a collection of art and poetry that lays the foundation for the reader to explore hidden thoughts and imaginations. Like a precious mineral that lay underneath the ground, these poems, when earthed provoke authentic emotions in the hearts of readers near and far. Encounter truth, sometimes bitter, as you adventure through this creative journey through time, space and visual creation.



2023-07-17 18:31:40

Impactful, Profound and amazing read

A good read. The author tells African stories woven in the African experience. Using poetic devices like metaphor, similes and rhymes. A good read for anyone looking for an adventurous experience.


2023-07-15 09:23:51

A collection of 49 rhythmic verses.

"Thistle on the Nile" offers a diverse range of themes that explore various aspects of life, such as love, family, and forgiveness. The inclusion of refreshing artwork to complement the poems adds another layer of visual appeal to the book.