Jane Nannono
Jane Nannono

Jane Nannono is a Ugandan medical doctor who has lived and worked both in Uganda and Botswana. She is a mother of two adorable sons and one daughter and is a grandmother. She has been an avid reader since early childhood and this is what led her into writing; as her way of paying back to the literary world that turned her into a global citizen long before the invention of the Internet. Since 2014, she has been busy turning herself into a remarkable writer of fiction and short stories. She writes African stories lived by African characters mainly in Africa. Her first fiction novel : The Last Lifeline , was published in 2015 and she self-published her second one entitled: And The Lights Came On in 2016. Her two short stories: Move Back To Move Forward and Buried Alive In The Hot Kalahari Sand, were published in the Africa Book Club Anthology Vol 1(2014). My Co-wives was published in the Kalahari Review Magazine in 2020. She will continue to read and write for as long as she can.
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